Paleontology and also Paleo-Zoology – What Are They and also What Do They Inform United States Regarding the Genesis Flooding?

In the abstract and also modernistic thinking of the pagan globe relative to historical time, the fall-back setting for evolutionists and also historical rock hounds is paleontology and also paleo-zoology. The document of the fossils is supposed to develop historical time by a uniform system relative to the hiding of fossils in the sedimentary strata. There is intended to be a uniform column being composed in a pile of various time layers in rocks which reveals the development of life up with the different ages of supposed geologic time. A straightforward method of placing this is that paleontologists (those that research previous life types by their fossil continues to be) think that the rocks of this globe are piled in layers like a cake which each layer comes from a various geological age. Paleontologists assert that strata can be separated right into a collection of identifiable and also foreseeable increments that represent the geologic-ages column. To put it simply, they suggest that these layers are constantly the very same which for that reason whatever layer of rock a fossil is discovered in, that is for how long ago it resided on this planet. The last strata or layer where it happens is intended to be when it ended up being vanished. This utter reliance by historical geology and also advancement upon paleo-zoology, which is really that department of paleontology that offers its entire focus to the research study of fossils, is openly and also freely confessed by historical rock hounds.

Round Thinking

Below once again we run into the round thinking of evolutionists. The age of the strata of rocks and/or debris is identified by the fossils; and also the age of the fossils is identified by the geologic age of the strata. Evolutionists, both rock hounds and also paleontologists, assert that these connections constantly exist. Yet when considered relatively, in the light of sound judgment and also truth, this supposed scientific research is neither scientific research neither regular. Lot of times such mediocrity does exist in between rocks strata in various locations, however it is pure supposition and also dream to take the setting that this stands for a transformative growth. There is no proof whatsoever that fossils were created in the method and also over the moment that evolutionists insurance claim. The Genesis Flooding is a far more sensible description for these sensations. Tiny animals, that have little or no flexibility, would normally be discovered under of the debris layers. Fish and also various other water animals that can relocate and also try to leave the onrushing, turbid currents would certainly be anticipated to be higher in the sedimentary layer. All land animals would always be greater still in the column. Obviously reptiles would certainly be less than pets that can relocate much more quickly. Huge solid pets would certainly be the highest possible up in the strata columns given that they can require to the high ground and also leave their destiny the lengthiest.

Deadly exemptions tha tput the Lie to the Geolgic Time Columns

Yet thatnotwithstanding, there are numerous exemptions to this system which the paleontologists urge constantly happens. These exemptions are proof favorable that the system does not stand for various ages. If it did, there can be no exemptions. This has actually not run away the notification of researchers themselves in associated areas. Among them, Robin S. Allen, in a short article in the notice of the Geological Culture of America released as Quantity 59, January l948, composed on web page 2: “Due to the sterility of its principles, historic geology, that includes paleontology and also stratigraphy, has actually come to be fixed and also ineffective. Existing approaches of delimiting periods of time, which are the essential devices of historic geology, and also of developing chronology are of uncertain legitimacy. Even worse than that, the requirements of connection–the effort to relate in time, or integrate, the geological background of one location with that said of an additional–are realistically prone. The searchings for of historic geology are suspicious since the concepts whereupon they are based are either insufficient, in which situation they need to be reformulated, or incorrect, in which situation they need to be thrown out. A lot of us reject to throw out or reformulate, and also the outcome is today awful state of our self-control.” Below is a researcher that claims that the historical geological ages column, as accredited by the paleontological fossils researches, is sterilized, fixed, and also in a terrible state. It must either be completely overhauled or deserted entirely. It is not logical, and also unscientific in numerous circumstances. And also yet it is stubbornly held on to by males that praise it as a faith as opposed to watching it reasonably as a clinical concept with imperfections so major regarding make it realistically and also morally profane in its existing kind.

When Phonies Need To Lie To Hide Exists

In many cases it is just private samplings that are out of order. When this happens, evolutionists attempt to discuss it away. If it is older than the stratum bed it is discovered in, after that the bed was worn down away and also redeposited later on. If it is more youthful than the stratum in which it happens, after that it was either remodelled and also combined with an older stratum, otherwise the specie was older than very first idea. Now the Paleontologist is confessing that his age column suggests absolutely nothing. If he does not understand when these varieties existed after that the columns can have no definition whatsoever. This type of gibberish and also mealy-mouthing has actually been well recognized by Allen as sterilized, awful, and also realistically irregular. Lot of times whole stratum that are intended to be in the column are missing out on totally. And afterwards there are situations where the developments remain in reverse order, or out of whack. The missing out on strata are represented as having actually worn down away prior to the later strata were transferred. In the upside-down situation it is supposed that a person side of the development slanted and also was propelled up and also the opposite glided throughout. You can understand if you consider evasion a deck of cards. Obviously it is not so difficult with a deck of cards however we are discussing pieces of rock miles thick, having area of hundreds of square miles and also considering numerous hundreds of billions of bunches.

the Holy Bible Has the Solutions

The Genesis Flooding gets rid of every one of these troubles. The strata were transferred arbitrarily as currents at the very same degree had various debris having actually originated from various components of the planet, and also there was no consistent way in which pet life or plant was hidden. Every one of this was done at the very same time (other than when it comes to regional floodings and also volcanoes) concerning forty-three a century back.

Instances of Variances

Once more, we will certainly not have area to be complete in regards to mathematical instances. Yet the ones that we will certainly cover will certainly suffice to develop effectively the factor we intend to make, which is that fossil proof does not sustain paleontological concept, and also it works with the Scriptural account of the Great Flooding. According to Whitcomb-Morris, in the Genesis Flooding, at web page 156, some evolutionists have actually taken the setting that there are generally 6 means for fossils to develop. The factor is feasible, however we will certainly take that synopsis in the meantime. First is the preserving of the whole pet by cold. Numerous samplings have actually been protected by doing this, particularly in Siberia. Some Mammoths have actually been discovered entire, with flesh still undamaged, with undigested yard in their tummies and also, at the very least in one reported situation, with yard in their mouths. This absolutely does not stand for an eliminating over numerous years. It requires an unexpected, globe large disaster. Because of this, together with the reality that it additionally suggests that the glacial period was a current sensation in geologic background, researchers regularly ignore, downplay, and also disregard this immensely considerable paleontological proof. Quotes, according to Morris -Whitcomb, run as high as 5,000,000 mammoths alone along the shores of Siberia and also Alaska. On web page 289 of The Genesis Flooding they claim, “The splendor of the Siberian monstrous down payments in the ices resists summary.” The whole skeletal remains of various other pets, as bear, equine, camel, saber-toothed tiger, rhinoceros, have actually been discovered in various other north areas. In nearly all situations they are a lot bigger than modern-day equivalents of their specie–commonly big. No surprise researchers disregard as finest they can escape, these fossil beds. Their statement is most considerable. Along with disaster by water, they witness of devolution as an usual event. That is to claim, pets obtaining smaller sized and also much less innovative with the death of time. And also obviously they additionally inform of a current glacial period. After that there is one of the most normal sort of fossil which is the one where just the difficult components stay, as bones, coverings, and so on. Yet these fossils also expose details which runs out consistency with the transformative system. For something there is no proof, other than because situation of disasters such as floodings and also volcanoes, where fossils are being developed today. This is an extremely informing impact to historical paleontology and also advancement. Without obtaining technological it informs us that fossils have actually not been developing as an usual event down with the ages, however that they just develop in specific, very definite, and also certain scenarios. Without a doubt one of the most common and also identifiable of those sensations are floodings. This says well for the Scriptural tale of the Genesis Flooding and also the mass funeral of guy and also monster under the scums and also dirts of the earth-covering, turbid waters, slides, quakes, turmoils and also volcanoes. Bones of pets typically stay externally and also degenerate with oxidation and also various other procedures. Yet fossils of excellent size, in simply the method they happen currently, are what we would normally anticipate to locate as an outcome of the Genesis Flooding. They have to be hidden by debris and also sealed from the air.

An additional opposition in between the physical document on the one hand and also the concepts of paleontology and also natural advancement in between the varieties is discovered in the fossil down payments in Lincoln Area, Wyoming. That down payment consists of a few of one of the most best samplings of fossilized fish and also plants around. These, also, were massive. There are Gar-Pike 7 feet lengthy and also hand leaves 6 to 8 feet in size and also 3 to 4 feet large. This reveals that these chilly, snowy hills were as soon as exotic as the Genesis Flooding informs us. On top of that, there are snipes and also plover concerning the dimension of hens (these are fairly tiny birds today), deep sea bass, turtles, creatures and also masses of bugs. Below we have fossils from varieties apparently having actually come to be vanished millions upon numerous years back, hidden with animals which are modern-day.

The BoneCave Enigma

After That there holds true of the Cumberland Bone Collapse Maryland. Remains of numerous varieties remain in the cavern with each other. There are reptiles, bats, bunnies, groundhogs, prairie wolves, peccaries, antelope, muskrats, beaver, and also a mastodon. This is obviously a rejection of the paleontological time range and also is an affirmation of the disaster of the Great Flooding.

The La Brae Tar Matches

In the La Brae Matches in the Los Angeles location 10s of hundreds of fossils have actually been recouped. There are varieties that were intended to have actually been vanished for numerous years in addition to varieties that are still running around today. Below the historical paleontologist’s time column is absolutely full blast of whack. Not just that, however can you visualize these numerous hundreds of pets all having occurred over numerous numerous years, one by one, and also having dropped in this very same tar pit?

Carbon Fossils

An additional manner in which fossils develop is by protecting just carbon. This is the supposed carbonization procedure. This is interested in paleobotany, or the research study of plant from fossils. This has definition mainly relative to coal down payments.

Fossilized Proof

In some cases the fossil remains of pets total up to absolutely nothing greater than fossilized tracks left in rock. Numerous hundreds of such tracks have actually been discovered around the globe.

The Situation of The Large Five-Toed Guy and also the Titan Three-Toed Whatever

One such location where these tracks have actually been found remains in the Pauluxy River Bed near Glen Rose, Texas. There were certainly three-toed foot prints in the supposed Cretaceous shales of the river bed. These prints were really sharp and also flawlessly protected. A lot to make sure that it has actually created numerous researchers, not every one of them creationists, to question that these prints can be greater than numerous hundreds of years of ages. Countless years would definitely have actually deteriorated them to the factor to where they were not almost so sharp and also unique. Yet that is not one of the most amazing function of the Pauluxy River Bed. The stunning point is that there are huge human impacts in the very same river bed really near the three-toed print. A rock hound that was quickly on the scene and also examined the prints, Albert C. Ingalls, reported that the prints provided every indicator of having actually been made by human feet each time when the rocks were soft mud. According to Morris-Whitcomb this is by no suggests a unique event. Various other comparable prints, some really massive certainly, have actually been discovered in a variety of various locations. Researchers of the transformative persuasion have actually done every little thing feasible ahead up with a few other description however fruitless.

The prints have actually been photographed and also casts have actually been made from them. Yet historical rock hounds and also historical paleontologists remain to refute this proof to today, producing composed product which tries to make it show up that creationists have actually attempted to design something for their very own function. Yet Morris-Whitcomb, in The Genesis Flooding, web pages 167, 174 and also 175, have photos of the river bed, the three-toed animal’s print side-by-side with the human print, and also spreadings of the prints. They seem like 5 times as huge in regards to total area as a regular modern-day guy. Albert C. Ingall, in a short article qualified “The Carboniferous Enigma,” (He evidently believed the prints were actual adequate to be an enigma), in Quantity 162 of the Scientific American, claimed that if these were certainly human prints after that the entire scientific research of geology is so totally incorrect that all the rock hounds will certainly surrender their tasks and also use up truck driving. Now we have to claim that the excellent physician might be a little bit rash and also approximate. It takes a step of sound judgment and also the capacity and also sincerity to understand what you are checking out in order to drive a truck.

These impacts were photographed by Clifford L. Burdick, an exercising mining rock hound. Roland T. Bird, a paleontologist from the American Gallery of Nature, thoroughly checked out the impacts, along with the rocks they were discovered in, and also provided the complying with record: “Yes,” claimed this historical, transformative paleontologist from the Gallery of Nature, “they evidently were actual sufficient. Genuine as rock can be…the strangest points of their kind I had actually ever before seen. Externally of each was splayed the close to similarity of a human foot, best in every information. Yet each imprint was 15 inches long.” Therefore we see that the genuine document of the fossils programs, in this circumstances, that the dinosaur (if certainly that is what it was), the cretaceous river bed, and also the guy were all there at the very same time– not 55 million years back, however forty-three a century back at the time of the Flooding. And also yet for every one of this, there is no historic document in the archives of the teamsters union that it has actually ever before been swamped by rock hounds and also paleontologists seeking job. That is one deluge that we can all be happy, never ever occurred.

Living Fossils

Among the huge, humiliating, and also really disastrous troubles, to which Dr. Allen referred previously, is the scenario where living fossils are discovered. In New Zealand an odd animal called the tuatara was discovered fairly to life and also well. It comes from an order of reptiles referred to as the beakheads. The trouble right here is an extremely straightforward one for evolutionists. Paleontologists have actually delegated this animal to the very early Cretaceous Duration. It was intended to have actually come to be vanished 135 million years back. Yet right here it is, to life and also well, and also in all that time, while dinosaurs were reoccuring and also apes were advancing right into males, it never ever advanced on ounce! What an impressive point!

Yet An Additional Living Fossil

An additional late locate that has evolutionists damaging their heads is the coelecanth, a fish that was intended to have actually eliminated in the transformative ladder over 70 million years ago according to historical paleontologists. Claims Dr. Charles M. Bogert, in the Scientific Month-to-month, March l953: “Normal crossopterygians have actually been vanished given that the Paleozoic; the fossil document of the crossopterygians includes the Cretaceous, some 70 million years back. Therefore, I (like numerous an additional speaker) utilized to inform my course, absolutely, that there are no living crossopterygians. And also I can well remember my awe, in the wintertime of 1939, at seeing in the London Illustrated Information a photo of a living–or just recently living–coelecanth.” To put it simply this researcher, together with numerous various other researchers, had actually been existing to your youngsters and also informing them that there was evidence of something having actually come to be vanished 70 million years back when it is still to life today. Neither can this be thought about an innocent blunder. It is component the transformative ideology that is made to blaspheme God, the Holy Bible, and also Production. These males, without evidence, permit, or authority, had actually comprised a tale concerning fossils discovered in rocks that was off by greater than 70 million years. Now the excellent physician does not confess to his trainees that the entire round thinking of the “ages” concept is totally incorrect which there is no evidence of organic advancement or the geological ages. No, he giggles it off by stating, “Envision my shock.”


In paleobotany, the document is no much better. The conifer genus Metasequoia was intended to have actually come to be vanished from the planet, according to fossilized fallen leaves discovered in the supposed Eocene Age and also in rocks of the Miocene age. Eocene is 60,000,000 years of ages, however Miocene is just around 30,000,000 old according to historical paleobotany, without fossils taking place for greater than 20,000,000 years. Yet Dr. Ralph W. Chaney, a paleobotanist from the College of The golden state, in the American Researcher, Vol. 36, October 1948, in a short article called, Metasequoia Exploration, outlines making a tour to research trees and also searching for over 100 of these trees still living today; among them over 100 feet high. An additional instance is recognized in a short article that was discovered in the Scientific research Digest of September 1959, p. 81, under the heading: Beginning Look for Living Fossils. It claims: “A sampling of a living fossil, maybe one of the most primitive extant participant of among the significant courses of pets, has actually been just recently contributed to the collections of the Smithsonian Establishment. This is a shellfish that has specific personalities of the long-extinct trilobites, the planet’s leading pets of over a fifty percent billion years back, fossils of which are amongst the earliest traces of a high order of life in the world…most likely it is specifically a citizen of the mud bases of superficial inshore waters and also never ever involves the surface area or has a free-swimming presence. This might make up the reality that it has actually stayed unidentified for as long.”

To Laugh or to Cry?

My, my, my! Live trilobites that have been vanished for 500 million years; living reptiles that have been vanished for 135 million years; living fish that have been vanished for 70 million years; and also expanding trees that have been vanished for 20 million years–Shocking, is it not? Currently this, keep in mind, is the attire, trusted, completely investigated, and also basically foolproof system of dating the strata from their fossil components, that evolutionists utilize as the basis for their entire concept, and also without which there is no concept.

Proclaiming Themselves To Be Wise, They Came To Be Fools

These instances from the globe of paleontology, paleo-zoology, and also paleobotany show that the geologic ages, as developed by the historical paleontologists, imply definitely nothing whatsoever. The entire concept is an outright farce and also a scam. Also those of their very own, whom we have actually priced quote over the last numerous kindly, have actually confessed that there is no clinical, sensible, reasonable factor to think the concept of the geological ages, which remains in a terrible state of events inasmuch as principles and also reliability are worried. And also, from real geological and also the fossil witness, there is every factor to think the Scriptural account of the Genesis Flooding.

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